Watch the Music Video For Tobore’s “Cor Blimey”

Adds more gloss to the showy song

The combination of Tobore’s boisterous flow, the bare London slang woven into his equal parts brag-filled and catchy lyrics, and the preppy dancehall beat produced by Alphonso, makes “Cor Blimey” an interesting exhibition of the rapper’s pop sensibilities. It also makes for a dancefloor-ready bop, brought to life by the camaraderie-based music video.

The video for “Cor Blimey” is shot by Thr33. Roses and directed by Kynex who adds more gloss to the song, showing Tobore performing the song in front of a mansion with friends, as well as inside the mansion in the company of beautiful ladies.

You can watch the video for “Cor Blimey” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Tobore
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