Watch Johnny Drille and Simi play contemplative lovers in “Halleluya”

Exploring timidity that keeps lovers stalling

At the start of Jonny Drille’s “Halleluya” music video, he is sitting on a couch in an animated room, looking earnestly at his feet and pacing the room slowly, as if in deep thoughts about life’s dealings. The synth-piano, soft drums and acoustic guitar instrumentals, which he produces himself, play in the background and create the perfect scenery for dialogues one may akin to a spiritually-inclined song about grace. The lyrics however shift this perspective, as Johnny Drille, assisted by Simi, sings about love in all its beauty and mercy.

As he moves through sets with colorful, animated backgrounds, his quiet-bedroom vocals and his lyrics convey the nervousness that often accompanies the possibility of unrequited feelings. “I wan talk my mind and say how i feel inside, but i fear she won’t feel the same”, he sings to his love interest —played by Simi— hoping that she gives their love a shot.

Simi adds to the story  “Halleluya” with equally emotive sentiments. The video sets her against sun-bright backgrounds as she sings about her own ambivalence motivated by the mixed feelings his fear of rejection communicate. On the colorful sets she shares with Drille, she urges him to express his feelings, “Oh if he loves me/One day he’ll tell me”, so that they can fulfill the forever he sings about at the start of  “Halleluya”.

Watch Johnny Drille and Simi in the Video for “Halleluya” here:

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