Watch Eva Alordiah’s sex positive short-film, “Where is the Condom”

Speaking to the importance of having protected-sex

Eva Alordiah fans recognize that they stan a sex-positive diva, who never shies away from any opportunity to give her opinion on the often tabooed conversation. For her latest release, a short-film titled, “Where is the Condom”, she offers a lesson on safe sex through her storytelling and acting.

The 10-minute long clip is directed by Eva and features her playing the role of herself and the lead role as her younger sister, Elohor. Though “Where is the Condom” opens with a steamy sex scene where Elohor (Eva) and her lover, Ade (played by Bobby Uranta), have a passionate time together after a drunken date, the mood quickly changes and turns solemn once she finds out they fucked without a condom. The argument that followed plays out like a not-so-subtle sex-education dialogue, speaking to the importance of having protected-sex; protection from STDs and the added benefit of giddy orgasm without consequence.

After convincing her lover to take a test to confirm their HIV/AIDS statuses, there’s a crossover between the short-film and the music video for “Pretty” when Elohor calls her sister to complain about the stressful situation. Eva is  however unable to answer the call cause she’s busy shooting for the video which also talks about her struggles as an ambitious Lagos city girl. The plot, asides reemphasizing Eva’s adapt pen game, also highlights her cinematic prowess with more lengthy production.

You can watch “Where is the Condom” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Eva Alordiah
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