Watch the music video for El Prince’s “Accolades” featuring social media comedians, Brizy Emmanuel and Oluwadolarz

A Charles Okocha inspired musical parody

If there’s anything to take from Big Shaq’s invite to the royal wedding, it’s that internet trolls are the new celebrity. His goofball grime freestyle went from being a mere internet sensation to a certified hit, confirming music pundits prediction of social media’s impact on charts. El Prince’s new single, “Accolades”, is inspired by this trend but  more specifically, by Charles Okocha’s recent “I deserve some accolades” comedy sketch.

El Prince’s “Accolades” attempts to turn the viral meme into music backed by spacious Afropop instrumentals and guest verses from Brizy Emmanuel and Oluwadolarz, two popular comedian on social media. Big Juice directs the video for “Accolades” set in at a party where all three singers perform their comical verses interpolating lines from Charles Okocha’s meme. Though he doesn’t himself appear in the video, his influence is so present, he doesn’t have to. But what really separates this rap parody from so many others is its inclusiveness—they seem to be having fun more than they are making fun. It’s an apt representation of 2018, where imitations of life has become the new reality and parodies can now inspire reality.

Watch the video for E Prince’s “Accolades” featuring Brizy Emmanuel and Oluwadolarz below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/El Prince

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