Listen to Dara Blaxx’s earnest plea for affection on new single, “All Mine”

A reassuring caress, stressing the importance of expressing our feelings earnestly

There’s a tense air we try to ignore between the moment we realize we are helplessly in love with someone and when we eventually tell them about our feelings. Because there’s always a chance that our feelings won’t be reciprocated and our hearts would be torn to shreds, it takes courage to get past the nerves and Dara Blaxx’s new single, “All Mine”, has all the elements necessary to serve as a reassuring caress, stressing the importance of expressing our feelings earnestly.

Over a synth bed of harmonies TC Flexbeats produces, Dara Blaxx’s silky voice emerges singing “Don’t Want You To Get Scared/ Oh Baby, Honestly, I Can’t Help it/ You’re on My Mind and I Think You Could Be Mine Forever”. The immersive hum of the 90’s house synth harmonies add a compelling edge to her romantic confessionals, expanding then contracting to match the ebb and flow of her melodies. When she closes “All Mine”¬†singing “I Need You To Be All Mine”, there’s an echo effect that fades away slowly but leaves a lasting effect that’ll make butterfly jitters exciting enough to shout of your love from the rooftop.

You can stream Dara Blaxx’s “All Mine” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/darablaxx
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