Vader debuts with a brutally honest “Wasted Dreams” single featuring Bawa

Finally we get an honest song about how a bad split can wreck a man.

This morning singer Vader released his debut EP, King Of The Night via Soundcloud. The 10 track EP also features the project’s lead single, “Wasted Dream” a curious song that is both ode to the unconventional and challenge for the new voice in Afropop.

Vader sings over a carpet of minimalist futuristic synth harmonies and a continuous bass kick similar to the Noah “40” produced “Signs” that Drake released yesterday. Drake’s reputation for co-opting the sounds of other artists makes this suspect but it’s so unlikely that we can admit that suggesting some kind of plaigarism on either side would be a reach. It however shows how hip to new sounds Nigeria’s Gen-Z is, considering “Wasted Dreams” was released first. The beat serves as canvas for Vader to create an emotional portrait, his genre defying voice, his primary instrument of creation.

“Wasted Dreams” details a reaction to a bad break up; “I ain’t hurt/ Even if you put a dagger through my heart”. The honesty he displays all through the song is rare, and it elevates even the weakest parts of the song. Bawa who features on the song, is far less memorable, he seemed to be more invested in keeping in line with the dancehall feel of the song.

Vader doesn’t sugarcoat anything on “Wasted Dreams”. He gives a clear take on life that isn’t perfect for any stretch. If the rest of the album is anything like it, then we might have an ‘Insta-classic’ on our hands.

Listen to Vader and Bawa’s “Wasted Dreams” below.

Featured Image Credits: Soundcloud/Vader

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