Listen to Uwhetu, GJTheCaesar, Ayuu and Zilla Oaks exchange success stories on “Way Back”

The title is as conceptually insufferable as it sounds

While Trap music has been permeating mainstream music in more noticeable ways in America and some parts of Africa (South Africa), the same can’t be said for Nigeria. We’ve seen artists like Playboi Carti emerge from the underground and watched Kendrick switch from his Jazz samples on TPAB, to trap inclined hits like “Humble” on DAMN. Yet, despite the undeniable global influence of these artists, Nigerians are yet to engage with the genre in holistic terms.

The mainstream has mostly stayed clear of the spacious synth genre and its brash brags save for a few experimental releases. Davido’s “Coolest Kids In Africa” featuring Nasty C showed promise for a Trap Afropop fusion that D’Banj later expanded on in recent album standout track, “El Chapo” featuring Wande Cole and Gucci Mane. The sonic experimentation’s alluring vibe still suffers for lack of practical narratives.

Uwhetu’s latest single, “Way Back” featuring GJTheCaesar, Ayuu and Zilla Oaks reminds this Native writer why the trap genre is probably better off remaining underground in Nigeria—the insincere themes are too inaccessible for any decent listener to fully immerse themseleves in the song. Their subject matter stays surface level as all four rappers exchange conquest stories over Ayuu’s engineered mellow synth harmonies and base heavy drums. The hook tries to tie their boasts into a pseudo-religious narrative—“The Devil On My Back While I’m On This Fucking Journey”—but judging by Zilla Oaks’ line, (“Ain’t Got Time For No Hook”) even they aren’t convinced.

You can stream Uwhetu’s “Way Back” below

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