Ugandan Politician and Musician, Bobi Wine, released a week after arrest

Detained by the Ugandan Government and released by the people

A judge in Uganda ( Justice Stephen Mubiru) has granted bail to Bobi Wine, a popular musician-turned-politician, arrested for treason during a campaign in Uganda (Arua Municipality). He is one amongst 32 other oppositions that have been charged.

Demands for his release were made after videos of a teary Bobi Wine started circulating in the media. The Law Society of Kenya were particularly vocal about their protest of the arrests, threatening to stage a protest on the streets of Kampala if the legislators weren’t released. This Monday, 27th August, Bobi Wine and 11 other Members of Parliament were granted bail and released with the court martial withdrawing the treason charges against them.

Bob Wine (who is formally known as Robert Kyagulani) was kept in a military detention centre in Uganda on 13th August, 2018, for an alleged involvement in the stoning of the current President of Uganda’s convoy (Yoweri Museveni). Bobi Wine’s lawyers said he had been tortured severely while in custody and could neither walk or talk. The claims were rejected by the government, including by President Museveni.

Although he was released from the military base last week, the Ugandan government rearrested him and 11 other Members of Parliament, charging them in a magistrate court for unlawful possession of weapons and ammunition.

Since winning a seat as Kyadondo East Member of Parliament, Bobi Wine has been more active than ever in politics, securing the votes of citizens who he has given hope to, some of who want him to become the next president of Uganda. The current president, Museveni has been in office for over three decades. Bob Wine’s supporters protested for his release in Kampala last week.

Bobi Wine, and the thirtyfold accused oppositions, are still expected back in court on 30th August and other court summons they may have to go for.

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