Read The First Issue Of “Anikulapo”, A New Comic By Vortex Inc

Meet Nigeria's Dark Knight without a cape or mask

“Anikulapo” is the latest comic from Vortex, a Nigerian company that creates African content using cartoons and comic book illustrations. What this means essentially is a fusion of traditional African art culture and modern designs. They portray traditional African culture with mediums like graffiti, comic and shirt designs instead of the typical canvas and “Anikulapo” is a perfect chance to showcase a Nigerian Story for a global audience.

“Anikulapo” is inspired by Seun Kuti, the son of Nigerian legend, Fela. Their ability to use their music as a political tool for activism in the society has inspired a comic book hero, Anikulapo who also shares facial similarities with the musician. The hero falls into the category of anti-heroes like Batman and Deadpool(Marvel first R-rated blockbuster movie). They have an extremely high sense of justice but find themselves in situations where they have to place themselves above the law for the greater good of the society.

The first edition of “Anikulapo” shows the hero working with his seven wives who are skilled African fighters. He is seen as a leader of a team consisting of himself, his seven wives and two dogs that bully criminals into submission. Similar to comics with the anti-hero narratives like the Batman series, Watch Men, Daredevil and the likes, the comic has a noir setting to emphasize the gloomy reality of the “Anikulapo” universe.

While the comic still needs a lot of tweaks to increase the comic’s commercial viability, Seun Kuti’s co-sign highlights a new interest from mainstream culture in Nigeria’s comic industry. The massive turn out at last year’s Comi-con in Ikeja, Lagos indicated a growing appeal for the subculture. “Anikulapo” would join the ranks of, “Agbara”, “June XII -Spirit of Afrika” and other home grown comics that have come out of Vortex inc. Perhaps, like America has Marvel comics, Vortex will become a firebrand for home made animations that attempt to tell Nigerian stories with brush strokes and bright colors.

Read the first issue of “Anikulapo” here.

Featured Image Credit: FlipHtml/Vortex

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