Tochi features Zamir for new single, “South”

Zamir complements Tochi's villainous intentions

Tochi’s new single, “South”, with its piano-driven production, creates a sombre ambience for his laid back personality. “Grab a Semi/ Shoot him at his Tummy/ South-South Nigga/ I’m a Winner” Tochi raps, giving the impression of a violent lifestyle that validates the trap beat he produces, the beat zig-zags nervously across shifts in mood and texture as if to depict the restlessness that comes with the diabolic lifestyle “South” celebrates, alternating glistening piano harmonies with 808 drums and droning synths.

Though Zamir’s verse doesn’t stick to Tochi’s graphical direction, he complements Tochi’s villainous intentions as he breaks down his plan to steal a love interest from her man. They share the belief that they are ‘the man’ and should be respected as such. But delivered in their laid back vocals, “South” is a charming and self-aware slice of trap music.

You can strean Tochi and Zamir’s “South” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/tochibedford
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