Tobi Lou’s “Solange” video is an ode to post-break up blues

Putting on a brave face through his heartbreak

Songs about moving on are really important because how else will you deal with a broken heart when the only person you actually need to talk to doesn’t want to. Tobi Lou’s latest single, “Solange” scratches that murky itch with its hazy psych-pop and decidedly cocky lyrics cushioning his fall into a pit of despair.

With no chorus and the song’s uncut intro, “Can You Hit The High Mic Thing/ Actually Can You Take It Off”, “Solange” listens like it was recorded in one take. That same unabridged motif is seen in the video through the green room set showing Tobi Lou performing the song while several cuts from anime movies play in the background. Tobi’s costume, a white pair of sneakers, a boxer short and a leopard skin jacket, conveys the same sense of negligence that the song is based on.

Singing “Tobi Why You Cuss So Much Now? I Don’t Know, But I Like It/ I Can’t Say No To Violence”, before eventually saying “You Broke My Heart Last Summer/ But I Don’t Need It No More”, he seems to be dealing with his heartbreak in a rather unhealthy manner. But some will argue that it’s only one of the three stages before moving on from a relationship; the denial, the inevitable anger and the eventual acceptance.

You can watch the video for “Solange” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/tobilou

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