Tobi Lou releases two new singles, “The Blue” and “Orange “

Completely relatable music

Tobi Lou’s honest confessional lyrics have made his music serve as a sort of window into his life and “Orange” continues his revealing songwriting. Listening to “Orange” gives a sneak peek into the artists psyche as he entertains listeners with his ramblings, made bearable  by accompanying music keys. “Orange” revolves around the subject matters of his anxiety, wardrobe choices, favorite colors and society’s perception of him. It’s a loop a lot of us are stuck in and can relate to.

The second single, “The Blue, is ironically more upbeat and cheerful as Tobi Lou reflects on the ease of making his dough, explaining that not even a heartbreak and an inconsistent love interest can distract him from the importance of making money. It’s exactly like Tobi says, we might be chicken, but we’re not crossing the road except it’s paid for.

Listen to both songs here;