Get Your Fan Merch Ready, Nonso Amadi And Odunsi Are Set For UK Gig

Music by Juls and other special guest performance

Very few people could have seen the speedy growth of Afropop millennial artists, Nonso Amadi and Odunsi coming but even fewer can boldly claim to have seen them pursing such an affiliated career. Considering how similar their music and audience is and how their indie status means they rely heavily on fan’s social media hype, they should both be aiming to sit comfortably on the throne. But maybe that’s the point since a collaborative effort has the potential to leave other competition behind in the dust.

Their joint EP, War(I know right?) was released last month following a palpable anticipation from fans but the EP hasn’t yet reached the peak popularity expected of the combined effect of Odunsi and Nonso Amadi. But that’s about to change, courtesy of the announced joint UK concert. On the line up alongside Nonso and Odunsi are Maleek Berry, Juls, Lady Donli, DJ Femo, Tomi Agape and Eugy for the show scheduled for the 3rd of June at the O2 Academy in Islington, London.

Nonso Amadi and Odunsi seem to be heading for a home run with their concert because they are sure to expand their fan base outside of the continent. Asides from promoting their music, this is also a great way for their music to earn them some revenue with the £10 per head ticket sales. You can get the tickets for Nonso Amadi x Odunsi The Engine Concert here.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/odunsitheengine

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