Tidal is now available for use in Nigeria

The subscription-based streaming platform has brought all of its services to Nigerians

Compared to most of the world, Nigeria is still some steps behind in the adoption of streaming as the primary means of streaming consumption, however, there’s a strong potential for upward growth. According to PwC South Africa, music streaming in Nigeria is expected to grow to 1.8billion gigabytes and about $18million in revenue by 2023, compared to 107million gigabytes and $3.3million in revenue. This sort of prediction, coupled with the sheer popularity of Nigerian music/artists within the frame of African music, is enough incentive for more streaming platforms to offer its services (and even set up shop) in the country.

Tidal seems to be catching on and has now become the latest streaming platform to offer the full range of its services in Nigeria. The audio-visual streaming platform, which was launched in 2014 by Norwegian public company, Aspiro and is now co-owned by JAY-Z, offers a wide range of content services including high-fidelity audio streaming, high-definition music videos, podcasts, exclusive live performance content and special features on music.

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Being a subscription-based platform, Tidal only currently offers paid options, although it has an initial 30-day free trial period until monthly payments start getting deducted. The service offers premium and HiFi tiers, with the main distinction being that the latter offers CD-quality audio in its purest form, giving listeners the option to listen to music the way artists intended for their content to be heard. In Nigeria, the premium tier goes for $2.33 (currently #902.88) per month, while the family plan which accommodates up to 5 people goes for $4 (#1,550) per month. The HiFi tier goes for $4.67 (#1,809.62) per month, while the family plan goes for $7 (#2,712.50).

With a subscription to Tidal, users get access to a catalogue of over 60million songs, curated music and video playlists, semi-exclusive podcasts/shows like Rap Radar, Drink Champs and Car Test with Elliott Wilson, movies/documentaries, live performances and movies. Nigeria is the third African country with access to Tidal’s services, following the platform’s launch in South Africa and Uganda back in 2018. Tidal is now available on Google and Apple stores for android and iOS respectively.

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