Listen to BeatsbyKarma’s new lo-fi trap single, “YAPA”

Abstracting the Nigerian trap scene into Atlanta's hazy soundscape.

People are slowly starting to realize that conversations around culture appropriation aren’t always as progressive as they seem at first glance. Especially when the realization dawns on them that history is sensitive and susceptible to manipulation. Atlanta might be the hip-hop capital and the birth place of trap music, but their synth heavy influence is felt in every hip-hop listening country around the world. BeatsbyKarma, the producer behind a number of YCee’s singles like “I Wish” just released “YAPA”, a clinic in the intricacies of culture fusion as he abstracts the Nigerian trap scene into Atlanta’s hazy soundscape.

“YAPA” has everything trap music needs; Somber synths, crime-fueled lyrics, giant TR-808 kicks, subdued-stoner vocals and ad-libs. But it’s the coldblooded directness of BeatsbyKarma’s lyrics that give it the authenticity a lot of hip-hop songs in Nigeria lack. Though he raps in English, he uses Yoruba phrases to properly situate “YAPA” in the streets of Nigeria striding between local culture and commercialized hip-hop. And he does all of these without biting flows or lyrics.

Olamide might have the local aesthetic on lock with singles like “Science Student” making rounds on the street, but his biggest criticism has always been his inability to keep up with the hip-hop scene where he originally found fame. “Letter To Milli” tanked with one too many English lines for local fans and unimpressive lyrics for the more hip-hop driven listeners. BeatsbyKarma’s “YAPA” is however proof that a sweet spot where both audiences meet isn’t such a lofty dream.

You can stream BeatsbyKarma’s “YAPA” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/beatsbykarma

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