ThisIsAT drops the visuals to “Dey Alright”

Here's to more dope visuals.

ThisIsAt has been teasing via social media for a while, the visuals to one of her studio projects, pushing back the release date at some point.  Last week, the rapper took to twitter to officially announce the release of her “Dey Alright” video and it’s totally worth the wait.

In what looks like her follow up single after “Imagination”, AT is back once again, serving looks, word play and attitude, all with so little effort. The video squeezes in plenty of free-spirited and unapologetic vibes during the two minutes treatment. Shot in Lagos, directed by PopsiQL and the artist herself,“Dey Alright” embodies the art of connecting with one’s inner self and simply being at peace, knowing that everything will be alright in the end.

Sonically the song refuses to flow in the direction you think or want it to; there’s no build-up, no climax. Only thing going on is a modest, sustained vibrato and a simple chord progression. It’s repetitive, like a tribute to Cardi B’s style.

Other highlights in the video include waterfronts, puffs of smoke (due diligence to the holiday of course) and the Nigerian rapper flexing like the only girl in the world . Add cutting snaps of abstract objects and you’ve got the recipe of a visual that’s simple and yet so cool.


Watch “Dey Alright” below

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Watch AT look cool as fuck in new video