Tchella’s Traffic is the torch song you never knew you needed

What a debut

As a musician you make many calculated risks; what singles to release first, what to promote, your brand and image. Once the passion and emotion is bled off the page and sheet music into the studio booth, a lot of thinking has to go into ensuring that the music doesn’t swallowed in the debris of sound that is churned by out by millions of hopefuls with beat making software and a dream. Tchella is definitely not lost in the debris.

Love hurts, when it’s one way traffic.

As a Nigerian this line resonates, in both literal and figurative ways and music newcomer Tchella definitely has our attention. His first single ,strong>”Traffic” is the kind of gamble only the most self assured in their sound even attempt, an honest to goodness, piano driven torch song. Singing about an ex-love who has moved on to someone else, and the unrequited love the song’s protagonist still feels, Tchella delivers clear notes in a raspy alto, trusting that the emotion he pours into every line will carry past the sparse instrumentation and subtle minors. It works and by the end of the song, you feel everything Tchella wants you to feel.

We don’t know much about Tchella other than the fact that he seems affiliated to the Hills Music Group and is working closely with 2016’s revelation, Nonso Amadi. We’ll wait to see if this mystery is part of a much larger roll out plan for the singer. We don’t know why though, he already has us in maw.

Listen to ‘Traffic’ Here.