Songs Of The Day: New Music From Joeboy, Kel-P, Lojay & More

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As the year kicks off, new music never stops in rotation. Every week, many songs from African artists make their way to digital streaming platforms, and wading through them can be intense. That’s where The NATIVE’s Songs of the Day column comes in to help. We go through as many new releases as possible, spotlighting them here, two to three times every week. Today, enjoy new releases from Spinall, Lojay, Nonso Amadi and more. Lock in!


Having ended the last year with a positive run which culminated in “Contour,” Joeboy is shaping up to have an interesting 2023. Already tipped for a full-length release, he’s set the ball rolling with “Body And Soul”. The E-Kelly produced record is a stirring, string-based sonata, a praise rendered to the feet of a lover. Catching a lot of fun on socials with perspectives of falling in love, Joeboy indeed sounds the part here, coolly assuring the love interest of his undying dedication to their trajectory. Sentimental ballads are Joeboy’s forte and he’s very memorable in this early-year showing.


Over the years Smallgod has solidified his name as one of the most creative executives operating out of Africa. Responsible for curating some memorable Afropop moments, the Netherlands-based exec keeps his ears open and mind willing to create, and “Automatic” is proof of that zeal. Tapping up the talented Lojay, the charged percussions of the production and a somber electronic twist gives the musician’s ample space to flex his vocal dynamism and writing skills. In all, it’s a well-structured perusal of lust and the seductive depths people can go to satisfy their craving.


A reggae classic gets a fitting twist. Known to millions around the world, Bob Marley’s love-suffused records brought many eyes to the transcendental journey and messages of Jamaica-birthed Reggae. “Stir It Up” ranks high among his lovely hits, a song that has stayed relevant over the generations. A king in his own right, Ghanaian legendary MC Sarkodie colours the updated sound with signature flows. It’s a collaboration that not many would have expected, but one that nonetheless sparkles with brilliance.


South African rapper has a new album out this year, and he’s rapping like a man with something to prove. Collaborating with some of the most promising acts from Rainbow Nation over the past couple years, he’s bridged the big sound of Trap with electronic flourishes, stepping up to something unique whenever he’s on the mic. “Prada” is instantly memorable, rippling with loud synths and the swerving cadences of the duo of established rappers.


Curation comes naturally to Spinall. With a new album in the pipelines, he starts off the roll-out with this expertly crafted song which features Kemuel and the legendary Olamide. Increasingly getting known among Afropop lovers, Kemuel’s sweet-toned vocals light up the song from the start, serenading a love interest with the potential of everything good. Bubbly percussions and light notes carry his message like a feather, until a short but effective verse from the YBNL honcho brings it home. Very good record, this.


For those in the know, Nonso Amadi has been experimenting with his style, incorporating more influences into his established R&B core. So far it’s made for very dynamic songs, reimagining the vocals and writing style of Amadi. “Ease Up” is his first record for the year and he’s gone for excitement, above all else. From the Mali-indebted chant which opens the record to the sequence of the production elements, there’s a motivation to keep one’s head afloat that makes it stir. The topic of easing up is most definitely important, especially during a time of the year when it’s easy to get caught in the heady tangle of aspirations and dreams.


In recent times, more producers have been stepping away from the background and creating songs of their own. Grammy Award-winning producer Kel-P is known for his distinct percussion but now, he’s branching out into expressing himself vocally. “One More Night” is a fitting demonstration of his prowess, summery banger with a Dancehall twist. Singing about his romantic interest, he angles from an array of perspectives and heartwarming vibe.