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With most of the world self-isolating to flatten the COVID-19 curve, music is one of the things that has kept our spirits up and sustained our sense of community. Artists from all around the world have continued to put out new music, and their relatable subject matters help us process past hurts, dream of a better future, whilst also just enjoying the present moment. It’s completely understandable if this week, you haven’t really been keeping up with new music releases, given the current state of affairs around the whole world.

So to help out a bit, we’ve compiled a list of the new songs you should listen to today. Following our Monday selections that included new singles from FatherDMW, Terry Apala, Zlatan, Ade Lasode, Jean Feier and much more. Today, the focus is on Yemi Alade, David Meli, Oscarr, SirBastien, Ashun Khomosaabi and more. Enjoy.

Yemi Alade – “Boyz”

Yemi Alade followed up her last project, ‘Woman of Steel’ with a new single expressing her thoughts on the mandem, “Boyz”. Singing “we dey find fine boys/if you no get any sense/ Sara”, the song plainly details what Yemi Alade wants from her man while she spices it up with reggae-inspired scatts that play into her confident confession and the dance floor intentions of the beat produced by Vtek.

David Meli – “Obsessed”

David Meli has successfully pulled off a career as an Afropop act while being based outside Africa. He accomplished this feat through his dancefloor aimed songs and collaborations with other notable Nigerian artists like Higo, Minz and many others. His latest single, “Obsessed” is an r&b song propelled by piano chords and descending vocals. His opening lyrics, “Hope moody saves you/ You could look forever, baby you won’t get the same love,” show David Meli is pinning after a girl who got away, yet, his catchy delivery makes the shamelessly cheesy song worth countless replays.

Sir Bastien – “Beach Sand”

Sir Bastien’s debut tape, ‘Mango’ set him apart as a producer/singer whose sound is rooted in atmospheric genres like folk and lo-fi. His latest release, “Beach Sand”, featuring vocals from YamenYamen, explores his more groovy intentions as he lays a deceptively sparse instrumental that invites listeners to dance. The steady clap of snare drums, synth lines and guitar riffs create a sense of partying by the beach, while their lyrics narrate the story of falling in love at a beach date; “Let us come here every week/ I miss your kiss on my cheek/ I just knew we were meant to be.“Beach Sand” is clearly a tune for the romantic summer get always.

Ashun Khimosaabi – “Freedom” feat. Kofi Taylor

There has been a palpable sense of activism and social advocacy since Gorge Floyd was murdered by the police in America. While protesters march to defend the black lives matter movement, Ghanaian rappers, Ashun Khimosaabi and Kofi Taylor have contributed their own rallying cry with their rap song titled, “Freedom”. Both rappers take turns spitting raw and deeply uncompromising bars that encourage listeners to “stay woke” and educate themselves so they can be free from oppression. Saying, “Imagine the margin this movement will cost/ On our journey to freedom but we’re still building the road” Kofi Taylor reminds us that there’s still a long way to go before we’re truly free from oppression.

Oscarr – “L.G(Life Good)”

Oscarr’s debut tape, ‘Elephant in the Room’ showed him as the newest Afropop talent to keep an eye on. The 4-track project laid out his mission statement to provide words of wisdom for Nigerians going through the same struggle he is. Though it’s the same mantra that guides rappers like M.I, LadiPoe and a host of others, Oscarr stands out for his rhythm delivery and playful punchlines. The centrepiece for the project, “L.G (Life Good)” reflects his search for optimism while the world continues growing dimmer in light of recent global events. Saying “Sam wey dey rap stop dey sing song (Samsung)/Oscarr wey dey rap start dey sing song/Some say sharp move on a crew cut”, he presents a timely theme while reigniting our passion for those wordplays that made us fall in love with Lil Wayne many years ago.

Sound sultan – “Mothaland Remix” Feat. Johnny Drille

Two generations of folk afropop artists, Sound Sultan and Johnny Drille joined forces for “Motherland (Remix)”. The original “Motherland” single was released by Sound Sultan in 2002, and it featured the singer confessing his love for his home country. Though the theme of love remains intact on the newly released remix, Johnny Drille and Sound Sultan are more concerned with their lovers as they each contribute a verse written to express their affection for their distant lovers; “Oh I wish say I fit reach you where ever you dey”.

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