Listen to SOLIS’ new single “Angel”

Her second single this year

Lagos-based singer/songwriter SOLIS first caught our attention with her fantastic contribution to “hectic” a standout single off Odunsi’s 2018 album ‘rare’. Her soft spoken vocals lent itself perfectly to the soulful track and marked SOLIS as one to watch out for. The artist then went on to receive our highest seal of approval with her single “watch me” being slated for Best New Music earlier this year.

Her new single “Angel” is her second release this year, where SOLIS continues in her “neighborhood tortured poet” narrative with the dreamy uptempo beat produced by Gosha. She starts off in soft spoken lull that continues for the rest of the song: “break me, mould me to your design” she sings, every part of her willing to love and be loved. She admits to me via text that “Angel” is the conception story from where her last single, “watch me” concludes.

“Angel” is also the first single off her upcoming EP. The artist took to social media, following the song’s release, to announce that ‘The Sunrise Has Begun’. We can’t wait to hear more of her magic.

Stream “Angel” below.


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