Sleek Dave and Dapo are all about good vibes “Feeling Fly”

Come funk with the carefree black boys

Nigerian collaborators Sleek Dave and Dapo had our attention with their rough around the edges but strong on content debut “Level Up”, a tongue in cheek single that referenced gamer pop culture (think Mario Bros) and spoke at length about the challenges the young millennial faces in a country where everything seems out to get you. It seems the duo enjoyed working together too, because they’re back with a sophomore single and more of their grungy aesthetic on their new song “Feeling Fly”.

It is obvious from the first note, that much of the greenness that characterized the duo’s debut is receiving some much needed polish. The trap instrumental that Sleek Dave (who also produces the duo’s singles) cobbles up is more intelligent with it’s sampling. He builds the whole thing on a tribal drum percussion base, thicken the broth with droning synths to bring the much needed drama. Occasional ephemeral sounds of millennial life like iPhone ringtones and toaster sounds are intellgently interspersed in the instrumental.

Dapo and Dave, take turns vying to own the beat, their subject matter far more cheerful than the song’s ominous trap beat lets on. They’re literally happy to be alive and making the music they feel needs to be out there and they’re grateful about it. Dapo really impresses with his word play, miles ahead of his bars on “Level Up”. He even lands a tricky punchline on the controversial TV series Thirteen Reasons Why. Smooth, very smooth.

Nothing like some carefree black boy swag to make you want to vibe to a song.

Listen to “Feeling Fly” here.

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Dapo and sleek dave mix afrotrap and mario on level up