Shayo Davids dedicates his new single, “Summer Rain” to hardworking Nigerians

Hits that sweet spot where hard work and leisure meet

With the bad rep millennials get for overindulging in leisure, you’d think life should only revolve around work. Of course anyone who ever tried to impress higher ups by becoming a workaholic would tell you it eventually takes a mental and physical toll that could lead to depression. Shayo Davids’ new single, “Summer Rain”, finds that sweet spot where hard work and leisure meet. Over the Afropop instrumentals Yinka Bernie produces mixing pacy drums, synths and horns, Shayo Davids sings “Where I Come From We Like To Faji/ Everybody Working For The Money” to describe the balanced lifestyle of the average working class person in Lagos. Like the oxymoron title, “Summer Rain” combines contrasting sentiments to become an hybrid motivational club song with lyrics like “Man My Work Rate Getting So Crazy/ And My Stroke Game Getting So Nasty”.

You can stream Shayo Davids’ “Summer Rain” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/shayodavids
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