See DJ Spinall and Dotman in “Omoge”

Adds depth to the concept of flashy show-off

DJ Spinall just recently put out his 4th studio album, ‘Iyanu’, with high-profile guest features that builds on and creates a bigger version of the party-fueled music that has turned him into Afropop’s definitive DJ and music curator of the last four years. One of the album’s standout tracks, “Omoge” featuring Dotman celebrates the lavish lifestyle of successful artists as Dotman promises to spend money on dancers. The vibrant music video Mex Films directs with bright colored sets and models dressed in colorful attires to match the orange and yellow backdrops, adds depth to the concept of flashy show off. The colorful set, using a row of disposable cups is certainly one of the most creative use of props to embellish a beverage ad incentive music video in recent memory.

You can watch the video for “Omoge” by DJ Spinall and Dotman below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/DJSPINALLVEVO

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