Watch Shaydee and Wizkid in new video for “Make Sense”

Another tribute to Afropop's everlasting summer

Lately, Afropop artists have taken a minimalist approach to music making and given rise to an era of smooth sounding Afropop songs. These easy listening dance-friendly songs essentially mean summer songs play all year round in Nigeria. And if Shaydee’s recently released “Make Sense” single featuring Wizkid didn’t already establish that through the Spax produced mid-tempo number, the video certainly does.

In most climates, the bright and sunny Director Q directed video will be a few months too late for the party. But Nigeria’s bipolar—dry and rainy—season calendar leaves a leeway to continue the song’s romantic and joyful themes. “Make Sense” heralds an escape to the excitement of new love and the warmth of hanging out by the beach.

The easy atmosphere of the single carries right over into the video set at pool party. Fader quoted Shaydee describing the video as; “A Birthday Do That Turned Into A Music Video” and this too is reflected in the video’s fun and simplistic outlook. Wizkid joins Shaydee at his birthday pool party to perform his verse, groove along the Spax produced baseline and look cool in his Luious Vittion shades.

Watch the summer tinged video for “Make Sense” below, hinged on the everlasting warmth of Nigerian summer vibe.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/506MusicNG

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