Sess and Spax are still working on their joint project but “Don’t Worry” is out already

Producers on the come-up

There is an on-going conversation about rewarding producers and lately, more and more producers have put out independent releases in an attempt to step out from behind the curtains and share some of the limelight they are otherwise merely instrumental to creating. For his part, Sess has released an instrumental PRBLM EP earlier this year, but with next to no promotion, the tape didn’t get the most encouraging feedback. Not one to go down without a fight though, he has announced a joint Short Renditions tape with Spax, expected to be released at a yet-to-be specified date.

Perhaps learning from the failings of his PRBLM EP, Short Renditions won’t focus on instrumentals alone. And to prove this, “Don’t Worry” is pre-released to give a tip of the iceberg. Spax sticks to production, creating an atmospheric and uplifting Afropop harmony with piano samples, guitar riffs and horns. His mid-tempo synth layering gives Sess the chance to show off his vocals (albeit auto-tuned with experienced precision) and a taste for love inclined lyrics.

Both producers have been prolific in their respective rights, but if “Don’t Worry” is anything to go by, we could see their careers head in different direction. Despite the short—just over a minute—length of the single, Sess has shown promise for a singing career that could potentially see him rise to Don Jazzy-esque acclaim. But “Don’t Worry” is just “The First Piece Off The Project” and we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. The suggestive Short Renditions project title and “Don’t Worry”‘s brief listening time gives the impression that the project won’t be lengthy but then again, the man did make his name as Sess ‘The Problem Kid’ off working with other artists, who knows what he will do on his own production.

While we wait, you can listen to “Don’t Worry” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/sessbeats

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