See Skales in Video For New Single, “Ego”

Colourfully highlighting his lyrics and dancefloor intentions

Skales’s transition from being a precociously talented rapper and occasional singer to full-time connoisseur of dancefloor-ready Afropop may still be a hard pill for older fans to swallow, but his pivot is what has kept him relevant in the Nigerian mainstream. His latest single, “Ego” listens like a sleeper hit primed to grow into DJ sets and radio, due to its combination of the Chopstix-produced Afro-house beat, comprising whirring synths and pacey heavy percussions, and Skales’s catchy lyrics stating his ambition to make more money.

Singing, “I want to rock Vercase, I want to rock Phillip Plein/aye yi gan ko easy (this life is not easy), so I not complain/so I cut my coat according to my pocket”, in a dubiously simple and infectious melodic cadence, Skales’s lyrics are grounded by the reality of knowing your financial lane despite the allure of flossing. The song’s music video directed by Bash ‘Em, colourfully highlights Skales’s lyrics as well as its dancefloor-ready bent, featuring lyric appropriate dramatics, dancers showing off their boisterous routines and Skales performing on a moving car and at the top of a multi-story building.

You can watch the video for Skales’s “Ego” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Skale
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