See the music video for “Nkwobi” by Ryan Omo and Teni

A romantic music video highlighting their sultry sentiments

There are several ways to show how much you love your partner, but remaining faithful especially in the face of temptation is perhaps the most convincing. Dr Dolor Entertainment artist, Ryan Omo recognizes this and made it the core of his romantic single, “Nkwobi”, singing “Me I See Oname and Sade/ Sade Tell Me Say She Wan Sere/ But All I Want is You” over the lightweight beat Tayoristar and Jaysynths Beatz produce.

The atmospheric ambiance of the airy mix of wistful percussion and synths and the warmth of the guitar riffs that hint at highlife inspires a romantic music video for “Nkwobi”, directed by DK. Panning slow-mo landscape shots of the beach and a highway punctuated the video as though to emphasize the sultry mood of the song, while Ryan Omo is shown singing to his muse at a gas station. Teni the Entertainer also makes an appearance to perform her charming chorus.

You can watch the music video for “Nkwobi” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/RyanMusicVEVO

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