See the music video for Ajebutter22’s romantic single, “Lagos Love”

A relaxing tribute to love and Lagos

The moving tribute to romance in Lagos by Ajebutter22 on his latest single, “Lagos Love” is finally getting a befitting music video. The song finds him referencing relatable problems like traffic, power failure, fuel scarcity, bad roads and more, spinning them into charming lines addressed at his lover. Over the warm and atmospheric beat Spax produces to fit the ambience of lounging on a sofa and dancing at the club, he performs a sultry set inspired by Lagos, singing “You Be Like Police Wey No Take Bribe, Conductor Wey Dey Get Change”.

The music video Prodigeezy directs for “Lagos Love” ambles at the most relaxed pace, set in Lagos as Ajebutter22 and his love interest go on several dates that subtly highlight Lagos’ beauty with beautiful architecture, art, restaurant and more. The soothing melody of the song and the video’s unhurried pace are presented as indicators of the comforting effect his lover has on him.

Watch the music video for Ajebutter22’s “Lagos Love” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Ajebutter22
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