Santi’s “Sparky” video is Lagos-noir in retro-colour

Of vengeance and tough decisions

The inner workings of Santi’s obscure mind have been both a subject of critique and intrigue when approaching his music. Shot and filmed in Lagos, his latest video for “Sparky”, makes some of that innate artistic edginess apparent in more ways to count.

Given Santi’s nostalgia for old Nollywood aesthetic, it’s no surprise he also lends some of its plot devices for his new film. If you thought the trailer for “Sparky” was ambiguous, this full-length short-film will leave you with more questions than you bargained for. “Sparky” opens with an ominous opening sequence, to a seemingly grieving family at the funeral of their youngest member. The shock value of the scene that comes next is unexpected: a gang of girls are seen going up against an unrevealed character (until much later in the flick). As the plot unfolds, more context is provided for characters caught in a web of vengeance and tough decisions.

(Spoiler Alert: Santi is the unwilling Dark Knight, who saves the day)

See “Sparky” below: