The day Reno’s Nuggets turned to Reno’mockery, thanks to international twitter

Sexists anonymous, get some international attention

Reno Omokri’s knack for comparing women with inanimate things is unmatched as his fame continues to spread through the interwebs. He is an author with four books to his name but apparently, he can’t bear the thought of his twisted ideas laying fallow on shelves when he can force them into the viral cyber space through his tweets. Here’s one where women are reduced to stands in the men’s room:

And another where we are basically revolving doors at a bar:

Believe it or not, this man used to be consulted on issues concerning governance in Nigeria. Now he’s just another man mindlessly obsessed with vaginas and the sex life of adult women. While African athletes, creatives and intellectuals have helped garner positive perception of the continent, our homegrown misogynists serve a reminder of how far our society still needs to go. Reno, for example, clearly didn’t get the memo that humankind is now almost entirely connected, albeit with great levels of inequality in bandwidth, efficiency, and price.

Thankfully, his tweets comparing vagina snugness with a picture of tuna fishes reached a wider audience than he probably anticipated. And boy, is the backlash massive. Having watched in disgust at Mr Omokri’s blatant disregard for women for so long, it’s almost amusing to see people of other nationalities and races react so passionately to his assaulting ‘nuggets’. American writer, Leah McElrath responded to his tweet, saying “Vaginas are muscular structures not gaping holes” but her attempt at educating him didn’t seem to have any effect on him.

This doesn’t mean the reaction isn’t exhilarating though, it’s nice to see social media re-emphasizing that the world is now a giant Tim Westwood crib session where everyone gets their couple minutes of fame as well as it’s accompanying consequences. The Internet already drives the hottest stocks on Wall Street, shapes technological innovation and is now set to effect social change. KCee getting busted for his photo-shopped inference of wealth or the reach of the #Metoo movement, obviously haven’t made it clear enough that it’s near impossible to get away with stupidity these days.

It’ll be wishful thinking to not acknowledge that we live in a world where Mr Omokri’s irrational thoughts are popular, but we can only hope the international outrage sends a message to his misogynist band.

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