Preyé Itams is done with unrequited love in the music video for “Love Fumes”

Preyé believes its the right time to walk away from unrequited love

Preyé Itams has become our self-prescribed poster child for realising your worth and walking away from toxic love and relationships. Her 2018 single “Cookies” is a neo-soul R&B post-break up song which literally screams Fuck-You-I’m-the-Shit, and sets the tone for “SPACE”, a collaboration with Soulsection artist, Tay Iwar and Santi on needing space from your lover.

Now, her latest single “Love Fumes”, released last month, follows in the same trend; on which Preyé raps and sings about leaving a Cassanova. In the music video, directed by Atide Studios, Preyé is first seen arguing with her lover played by Deime Inn on seeing messages from another woman on his phone. However, this anger quickly diffuses as Preyé realises her worth, and unapologetically leaves her toxic lover who searches frantically for her in an amusement park.

Watch the music video here.

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