Daramola Serenades With “Lagos City Wave”

A nakedly honest tribute to love

With new music, it takes a while before the rhythm becomes familiar enough to be worm its way into our subconscious. However, Daramola’s “Lagos City Wave” immediately feels hip and fresh because while it sounds original, it references older releases from the singer/songwriter’s catalog. Since sleeper hit single, “Lotto” and his more recent album, Last Time I Tried, he has created a buzz around his sound, building a steady growing followership who would not be disappointed with his newest release. His lyrics follow the classic lover dealing with bad relationships trope but stripped down vocals allow his passion elevate the lyrics and his ability to switch between a comfortable tenor to a countertenor range without losing any fervor. 


For “Lagos City Waves” Daramola is attributing Lagos’ youthful and spirited atmosphere with Miami’s while also discussing how experiences from relationships in Nigeria have the same feel as those in Miami relationship. Spirit is universal, it seems.

Listen to Daramola’s “Lagos City Wave” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/itsdaramola

Listen to the Native Mix: featuring Dj Wayne