Preyé releases debut EP ‘Don’t Look Down!’

A strong marker of her growth and confidence in her ideals as a person

Preyé has been in the industry long enough to make you aware of her alluring presence with her provocative voice. Releasing her first single “Mortia” in 2015, she stood out among her Afro-Fusion/R&B peers, as she used metaphors to describe death. Using her experiences in life to tell a story to her listeners, she’s developed a pensive writing skill breaking down the vast range of human emotions and conditions.

After years lined with sporadic single drops that helped advance the lived-in uniqueness of her artistry, Preyé started teasing the impending release of her debut EP, leading off with the sultry single, “Red Wine”. The sumptuous single was a glimpse into this unfolding arc of her career, a confident showing embodying unbridled sex appeal, which was also fitting at the time of its February release. “Red Wine” is a sexy sip of R&B and neo-soul, making it clear Preyé is not shy about exploring intimacy, offering sensual coos over spry guitar riffs and loose swing drums, and vivid lyrics coating the record with lust and passion: “…you know the riffs that make the lover sweat, hands on my hips riding shotgun.

Don’t Look Down’, the announced title of her debut EP, was teased with a couple more pre-released singles, following up “Red Wine” with the vibrant “Malibu”, which was inspired by her trip to California. “If you cry with me, I’ll cry with you too/Die for me I die for you/Ain’t no problem, you’re my type”, Preyé sings over a mellow groove with neo-funk and dream-pop influences, her earthy voice perfectly reflecting the unguarded joy and excitement at being wholesomely and hopelessly in love. Capping off the run of pre-EP singles was “Crayons”, her enchanting vocals provide a soothing performance as the romantic number pairs up vibrant percussion with her soulful aura. Over the head-nodding production, she sings “I’ll do anything for you to dream big,” transporting us to a euphoria where love is the currency.

Today, ‘Don’t Look Down’ is finally out in its entirety. Housing 7 songs with a diverse range of R&B production, Preyé is capturing our lovelorn souls and driving them to freedom. Crooning over the delicate productions with her luscious vocals, she is not afraid to test new sounds as she explores the act of loving those around her. On “D.L.D Interlude”, she echoes the affirmation, “I am worthy of love”, explicitly embracing the easy allure of love and reminding us that it is okay to love, be loved, and want love, even in these when everything seems complex.

Preyé is joined by a sole guest, featuring Ladipoe on “Love, Today”, who’s in typical “lifelines” mode, as he opens up about balancing the realities of his ongoing success with his continuous quest to find peace and never lose sight of who he is. ‘Don’t Look Down’ is defined by an infectious transparency in its writing, enveloping melodies from Preyé, and production that balances ebullience with a loungey-vibe. Seven years away from her debut single, Preyé’s new debut EP is a strong marker of her growth over time and her confidence in her ideals as a person.

Listen to ‘Don’t Look Downhere.