Premier: ZINZI’s “Grounded” is an empowering breakup anthem

Describing her hurt feelings while still portraying the image of a woman in charge

We all have different ways of dealing with getting our hearts broken. Some will ask that you handle it with dignity, others believe that all is fair in love and war. ZINZI, a singer from Harrow, North West London, blurs the lines between both options on her latest single, “Grounded”, where she channels the heartbreak as currency for an empowering breakup anthem.

After a few years behind the scenes, featuring alongside Davido on Tau Benah’s track ‘Reasons’, ZINZI has released “Grounded”, the first single from her coming project debut. She teamed up with producer, DemDrums who provides the glowering and unsettling background that seesaws between layered strings, pitch-shifted vocals and disjointed beats. Still, ZINZI easily finds her pocket amid the gloom with louche, menacing lyrics to match: “Middle finger to your crew/ If you want to see me lose”.

Her angst-filled lyrics addressing her ex and the hurt they put her through is just what the doctor ordered to empower those dealing with difficult breakups. She accused her lover of “Still calling (Her) baby when (they’re) in need”, performing the delicate act of describing her hurt feelings while still portraying the image of a woman in charge.

Stream ZINZI’s “Grounded” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/ZINZI
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