Phyno taps M.I And Burna Boy For the “Link Up”

It's no action film but there's a bulletproof vest and a lot of fire

Stereotypes are often misleading, but going by what we hear on gritty rap songs, it is easy to conclude that if a musician were to rob you, odds are it’s going to be a rapper. Whether it’s for the extra money to  show off in their videos or just for the street credibility. 50 Cent’s Get Rich Or Die Trying album and tons of other Hip-hop videos set right in the middle of bank robberies, emphasize rap music’s inclination to aggression. This premise is presumably the inspiration behind Unlimited L. A’s video direction for Phyno’s “Link Up” featuring M.I and Burna Boy. Well, in addition to that, maybe he too has heard of the saying that when you find three grown men linking up, they are often up to no good.

But maybe we are taking it too far. After all, the only indications of violence in the video are the face masks, M.I’s trigger finger signs, burning tires and lyrics with gunshot onomatopoeia. That being said, “Link Up” brings Phyno who is rendering raps in his native Igbo language as usual, Burna Boy’s verse doubles as the hook and he easily delivers the best performance while, M.I is on board for a veteran touch that never falters.

Although “Link Up” had been under-appreciated from Phyno’s The Playmaker album, this hard but simple video may just be enough to spark interest in the LP once again.

Enjoy Phyno’s “Link Up” video with M.I and Burna Boy below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/PhynoVEVO

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