PatricKxxLee shares two new singles, “NDNA RIPCN RIPKC” and “Spaceships” featuring Lethabo Acid

Get hyped for peak PatricKxxLee

PatricKxxLee has built a fan-base that guarantees a sizeable fanfare for everything he shares on his social media pages. Whether it’s a new single, music video or tour announcement, you can be sure it’d get a lot of hype. Though it could get quite exhausting to those outside the fandom, his two new singles, “NDNA RIPCN RIPKC” and “Spaceship”¬†featuring Lethabo Acid were certainly worth the hype.

The two songs seem to highlight PatricKxxLee’s extreme moods as “NDNA RIPCN RIPKC”¬†takes listeners into his more destructive, rock music-inspired world while “Spaceship” featuring Lethabo Acid is much more pleasant. Both songs are peak PatricKxxLee but “NDNA RIPCN RIPKC” is shorter and painfully so with its dizzying pace, oozing character as he captures that sweet spot where pain, rage and satisfying screams meet. He produces a laid-back synth led beat for “Spaceship”, mixing harp riffs, 808 drum samples and piano flourishes for his melodic raps addressed at opposition.

You can stream “NDNA RIPCN RIPKC” and “Spaceships” featuring Lethabo Acid below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/PatricKxxLee
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