Adomaa soundtracks love on “BRA”

"BRA" is uncomplicated beauty, structured like a simple love song

Adomaa is a diverse artist, she’s proven strength across different genres of music including a rare form you wouldn’t expect from her: rap, a la “April Fools” four months ago. But with her subsequent releases, she assures us she isn’t going far away by returning to singing.

On her last track “When It Swings”, Adomaa opened her heart and mind to us, letting us feel the same tension and sadness she does as she sings of mood swings that result from ‘people who act and think for her’. Her latest “BRA”, shows that Adomaa has moved on from that state, she’s now found love. A love that makes her glow. Over drum thrums, the Ghanian singer sings promises of love to her man in a country pub: “I’ll be your ride or die, I’ll be your one and Only”. But even as she’s now found a lover, Adomaa still seems to think about what those ‘people’ on “When It Swings” think of her present relationship: “People they think say I dey play”, “wey dem dey say it just be phase” she sings on “BRA”. Even when she thinks it though, she assures him she doesn’t care, because all that matters now is him.

The video of “BRA” uses suspense as a technique to keep our interest locked. Her lover is made mysterious even when she holds his hand and lures him to a front seat. He isn’t shown to us until half way into the song.

“BRA” plays like a tad vintage song and even the video reinforces this too. She is resplendent in natural hair, orange shoes, blouse and shorts (perhaps a playsuit) made with African prints. Her ensemble comes together in a way that reminds of just a decade past. The way the instrumentation ebbs and flows together, reminds of old days as well.

“BRA” is an uncomplicated beauty and it’s structured like a simple love tune: sweet and melodic. Have a go at it below.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Adomaa__

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