Listen to Ceeza Milli’s new single, “Yapa”

Ceeza Milli continues his brilliant 2018 run with a new single

After growing up on the duelling bombast of classics R&B pop of the ’90s and Wizkid’s early hits, Ceeza Milli developed a penchant for writing sultry Afropop songs. “Yapa”, his latest single, is one of his best. Thanks to the mid-tempo harmonies Kel P produces with alluring guitar harmonies, percussion, drums and vocals sample that seem to have been ripped from Nelly and Kelly’s “Dilemma”, the single has a sensual feel that makes it endearing in ways people don’t associate with Afropop.

Over the enthralling beat, Ceeza Milli tries to win a love interest’s affection by bragging about his acclaim; “Super Star Baby, You Already Know”. But it’s his vocals, reminiscent of Wizkid’s and the catchy beat that makes the song so convincingly airwarming.

Stream Ceeza Milli’s “Yapa” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/ceezamilli

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