Patoranking’s “suh different” is proof that everything sounds better in Patois

Don't try to front. You know its true.

After making a sort of cameo in Black Panther (Sort of), with a featured cut of the instrumentals for his infectious single, “Available”, “Suh different”, fuses an upbeat ‘party till you lose it’ vibe with a bit of romance. Produced by Mix Master Garzy, the energetic beat ensures that the song quickly sticks to you.

There’s something about dancehall music in patois that makes you want to let loose and see how far you can push your sacroiliac joint.  “Suh different” is definitely a fave and we’re looking forward to losing it when it hits the big speakers. Plus, yeahhhh, we’re all excited it’s the weekend Pato.

Watch “Suh different” here;