“One Corner” gets an official video and it’s just as ridiculous as you think

That embarrassing hit that just won't go away

The “One Corner” flu was airborne a few months ago. Everyone (and we mean everyone) was humping along to the music sang in an indigenous Ghanaian language filtered through a 90’s street-hop inspired beat complete with terrible auto-tune and pacy drums. The song was bad even before it became unavoidable, seemingly playing from all corners.

Just when we thought we could finally get it out of our system, the singer, Patapass has released an official video but fortunately, it’s as bad as you thought it’ll be. The video for “One Corner” is just a compilation of clips of people doing the “One Corner” dance you’ve probably already seen more times than you hope. There’s no narrative to follow, just people giving the beautiful art of twerking a bad name.

Even though the video does show off a nice view of the Atlantic ocean from Ghana, the video is mostly low-budget and Patapaas’ claim that no money was made off the viral song might explain why that is.

Watch Patapaa’s “One Corner” video below.

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