David Meli And Minz’s “The One” Shows How Hard It Is To Go Wrong Making Love Songs

The award for best muse goes to...

What are the odds that anyone has anything new to say on matters that affect the heart? From randomly stumbling on your soul mate to reckless heart breaks, it seems the entire theme of love and loss has been milked for all it’s worth. There are whole boy bands whose entire catalogue is dedicated to the exultation of the break up and  TV shows (think Empire), there’s an endless flow of new songs addressing love themes.


David Meli is a Nigerian Afropop singer based in the UK and he too has something to contribute to the pseudo-romantic playlists. He has followed up his “Novice” remix featuring Falz with another decent Afropop single, “The One”. This time he features upcoming artist, Minz. Talking about all the things he can do for his love interest, David Meli flexes his vocals and music producing skills for the single he produced himself. When he eventually gets around to acknowledging what he likes so much about his lover, he describes her physical features with the same tired imagery every one has already used at least once. Minz’s verse isn’t big on lyrics either but his melody is succinct enough to let flaws slide

Listen to David Meli and Minz’s “The One” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/daviid_meli

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