NATIVE Sound System’s debut compilation LP, ‘NATIVEWORLD’ is finally here

Championing community by collecting the talents of many and distilling them into a thrilling whole

The SOUND is here. For the past two years, DJ and producer collective NATIVE Sound System has been hard at work on a full-length project. Its execution began in recording camps across Lagos and London between 2020 and 2021, extending to post-camp recording, rearranging of songs, addition of contributors, and the like. Roping in dozens of collaborators across hundreds of demos, instrumentals and recorded vocals, the drawn out approach was taken to ensure the curation of a worthwhile, definitive project.

Today, the wait is over. No more hushes about a secret project, no more stoked anticipation via IG posts, no more compelling glimpses through pre-released singles. NATIVE Sound System finally presents ‘NATIVEWORLD’, a compilation album framed through a weather-based conceptual arc. “For the album we were in the midst of trying to create the seasons of a year in Lagos — Rainy, Dry, Harmattan and Christmas seasons,” Chubbz, executive producer and A&R at NSS explained shortly before the release of its lead single.


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With its guiding framework, the collective set about its mission to present the middle ground between the familiar and alternative in Afropop, pulling in a wide range of artists and producers in Africa and across the diaspora. Earlier this year, NSS provided the first piece of the ‘NATIVEWORLD’ with “Runaway”, an alt-pop duet featuring 2021 mainstream breakout act Lojay and Ayra Starr. While the lead single was pulled from its rainy season section, following single “Wedding Ring” represented the summer-tinged section, with delectable contributions from the quartet of Wani, BOJ, Odunsi and Odeal.

Both those singles set the tone for the mixing and matching of vocal contributors that grace ‘NATIVEWORLD’. On the album, there’s intriguing pairings that include Ayra Starr and Dap the Contract over sparkling synth-pop; Joyce Olong, SOLIS and Azanti trading melodies over a beat that merges afro-house and UK Funky; Prettyboy D-O, MOJO, PsychoYP and Fresh L taking turns on Nigerian street-house production; and much more.

NATIVE Sound System has curated an album with fascinating choices, often challenging the contributors beyond what’s typically expected from them, whether that’s The Cavemen delivering over deep house instrumentation or Cruel Santino spit balling on a Konto-inspired slap.

Behind the boards, ‘NATIVEWORLD’ is graced by an array of talented producers, with contributions from P.Priime, DOZ, Tyler Turner, 4Play, GMK, Sholz, and much more. Like all things NATIVE, this album champions community, collecting the talents of many and distilling them into a thrilling whole. Again, the SOUND is here.

Listen to ‘NATIVEWORLD’ here.