NATIVE Premiere: Teezee makes his 2021 debut with ‘GUALA’, featuring Maison2500 & New World Ray

its Teezus!

When he’s not chopping it up with his day-zero crew, DRB, on their debut project ‘Pioneers’, or taking an active role in the documentation of the alternative scene – or the alté scene as famously coined – through his involvement with Jameson and the NATIVE Magazine which he co-found, Teezee can be found hard at work in the studio cooking up some heavy flows.

Due to this, the rapper now boasts of a bank of musical hits at his disposal, which he’s now ready to share with his eager fans. To get the ball rolling, he’s just released his debut musical offering for the year titled “GUALA”, an uptempo number released to drive up anticipation for his debut project, which we’re told is slated for release sometime later this year.

Featuring Maison 2500 and New World Ray, the bouncy new single is an arresting 3-minute track that holds your attention from its opening moments. Beginning with soft keys that continues to build as the song goes on, the Genio Bambin0-produced track lays the perfect foundation for Maison2500’s trippy adlibs and soft humming as the rapper skates over the beat in customary fashion, setting the tone for what’s to come on the track.

He’s joined by Teezee who turns the tempo up a notch, as he raps, “Gimme that dough/Give me that guala” on the song’s hook, his gruff rap voice operating on the same frequency as Genio’s hard-thumping bass, which hones the song’s impatient message. The song’s central message is about all three rappers letting out their frustrations at a world bent on limiting the potential of young people and gatekeeping them from the success they deserve.

Speaking about the new single, Teezee shares:

“GUALA is really a cry for help young creatives not getting paid, no paid dues no paid respects. No MONEY. We want all the nice things too. Money, designer garms, ice, we want it all. But we have to take it by force. The police be robbing us, the government be robbing us. Yet the youth are the bad ones.”


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In the accompanying music video, we see varying clips of Teezee, Maison 2500, and New World Ray in an abandoned storehouse, they’re clad in the coolest fits featuring some known brands such as Homecoming, NATIVE merch, Supreme, and more, while surrounded by the baddest girls. All three rappers deliver their verse while a ton of cash is sprayed around them and the girls, it’s exactly the type of hedonistic visuals you’d expect to accompany such a bouncy number.

“GUALA” is certainly what you’d describe as a jam-and-then-some, and Teezee certainly knows how to make an impressive debut after a hiatus from solo releases. In any case, he has our attention and we’re already eagerly waiting for more releases from the self-proclaimed Fresh Prince of Las Gidi.

Watch the video for “GUALA” below.

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