NATIVE Exclusive: The Mayor Of Lagos Is Back In Office

The Mayor is back on seat

In today’s hyperspeed, viral climate, it is more than easy to fade off as an artist if one’s releases aren’t regularly delivered to satiate fans’ appetites. Finding and maintaining your foot in an industry like this isn’t exactly the easiest or the most welcoming. Yet, artists such as Mayorkun have managed to reinvent themselves with each new phase of their career.

Since stepping foot into the music industry, he’s consistently upped the ante and this present moment is no different. In early 2016, he signed with Davido’s record label Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) and released his debut single “Eleko.” The hit song garnered him a loyal following and since then, he’s been of undeniable importance in this oversaturated industry. 


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Mayorkun as an artist has had a great run so far and definitely is not stopping anytime soon. After taking a three-year hiatus from releasing any solo work, the Mayor of Lagos has now made his return with the release of his sophomore album ‘Back In Office’, his first project under Sony Music Entertainment. 

‘Back In Office’ is essentially a statement by the artist that cuts across different topics such as evolving, self-growth, self-awareness, self-acceptance, love, romance, and more. Experimenting with different cultures, languages, and themes, Mayorkun is in fact ready to prove his strength and abilities to the world. The 12-track full-length LP is a follow-on to the theme of his debut album. Now signed to major label powerhouse, the artist is ready to let us into his world giving us front row viewing to his next act.

“I feel like this is the right time to drop my project because I know people are listening now.”

Over a zoom call, the singer talks to the NATIVE about his sonic growth, his sophomore album and why it took so long to get to this moment. 

Our conversation which follows below has been lightly edited for clarity.

NATIVE: Hi Mayorkun, how has the experience been since finishing the tape?

Mayorkun: I’ve just been waiting to be honest. I’ve finished the tape since so it has been about 4 months now. 

NATIVE: Your sophomore album comes 3 years after your debut album. Why did creating this new one take so long and why now?

Mayorkun: I’ve always been a singles artist. When I just started, I felt like I needed more time to push a project and I didn’t have that time. I felt like a lot of people wouldn’t listen if I came out with a project. There were a lot of projects that dropped at that time and just sort of flopped because people just didn’t listen at that point in time. I feel like this is the right time to drop my project because I know people are listening now and they’re more in tune with an artist’s world.

NATIVE: On this new project there’s something for everyone. What were you hoping to achieve with this?

Mayorkun: So, because it has taken me so long to put out a second project, a lot of sounds have come and gone between that time and now and I felt like people would appreciate it if I had a song with different vibes, different sounds. Each song should be completely different. I don’t want the two songs to sound alike. Unlike my first album that was mainly about love and girls, this one is broader.


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NATIVE: What would you say was the most challenging part of creating this new project?

Mayorkun: The songs where I had to make use of choristers. The choristers were not on the island so moving from the island to the mainland was hectic for me. They are from a hood in Surulere so I tried to be lowkey, record, and leave but by the time I came out the street was filled with people. It felt like a show when I came out and I had to finish it that day because I couldn’t go and come back. 

NATIVE: What are you looking to achieve with this project?

Mayorkun: With the song like Back in Office that was the last song I recorded on the album, I was feeling like I needed a song to just remind people that yes this guy is bad so I called Speroachbeatzz. But the project as a whole I just want people to see the obvious growth and lyricism. 

NATIVE: What was the most notable song for you to create on this project? 

Mayorkun: The track with Flavour. I did my NYSC in Anambra state so I have a little of Igbo in me, but I wasn’t so fluent so I called Zoro and Chike to put me through. I’m really excited about this particular song because I feel like I really outdid myself. 

NATIVE: What’s one thing you want listeners to take away from this Album? 

Mayorkun: As I said earlier, aside from growth I feel like the whole African music scene is growing and I really want people to connect with that growth through this Album. Each song has a reason behind it and I want people I made those songs for to connect with it. 

Listen to Mayorkun’s sophomore album ‘Back In Office’ here.

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