EXCLUSIVE: Mr Eazi, Nancy Isime & M.I join Glenfiddich NG as its newest Maverick collaborators

"My path is leading to freedom. Freedom to do what I want when I want."

In partnership with Glenfiddich NG

In Nigeria’s ever-growing entertainment scene, music and alcohol have nurtured a long-standing relationship fostered through community-first collaboration. The latest of which is Glenfiddich Nigeria’s ‘Where Next’ campaign which introduces M.I ‘The Guy’, Nancy Isime, and Mr Eazi as its newest maverick collaborators.

According to Glenfiddich, the ‘Where Next’ campaign is aimed at encouraging others to examine the mastery and uncertainties that come along the path to advancement. To bring this mission to life, Glenfiddich has welcomed into its fold, a talented crop of individuals, tagged as mavericks, who are pushing the boundaries within their respective industries of expertise, from music to film.

In addition to their roles as brand collaborators, Glenfiddich has revealed that its new Mavericks are currently working on some exciting projects which will be unveiled in the next few months. Speaking about the announcement, Eddie Madaki, Meta Luxury Manager, William Grants, and Sons stated, ‘We are happy to welcome these outstanding individuals to the Glenfiddich family, the home of pioneers and visionaries. We believe true progress requires taking chances and these individuals have proven themselves worthy to be titled as Mavericks.’

Following the induction of Glenfiddich’s latest mavericks, the NATIVE spoke with Nancy Isime, M.I ‘The Guy,’ and Mr Eazi about their path to success, where they’re heading next, and their growing partnership with Glenfiddich Nigeria.


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Their words, which follow below, have been lightly edited for clarity. 

NATIVE: How would you say your ambition for success aligns with the Glenfiddich brand?

Mr Eazi: When I think of the brand, the process of whisky-making comes to mind. The patience to wait for each category to age and taste as it should; 12 years, 15 years, 18 years. In my journey, I never rush anything I do. My process is well thought out meticulously, so I make sure whatever project I’m working on is ‘well-done’ before it is made public. A good example is the album that I’ve been working on since 2020. We are almost there.

Nancy Isime: My ambition for success aligns with the Glenfiddich brand in so many ways but one way that stands out to me is how the brand stands for excellence and constantly asks the question, Where Next? I was fortunate enough to tour the Glenfiddich distillery in Dufftown and was impressed by the Grants family’s growth into the world’s most decorated single malt scotch whisky. Their commitment to excellence in all they do was particularly notable.

M.I “The Guy”: Glenfiddich is a premium brand known for its commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation. These values align with success as they demonstrate a focus on excellence and a drive to continuously improve and push boundaries. Glenfiddich’s long history of innovation and experimentation in the whisky-making process shows a determination to stand out and succeed in a competitive market. By embodying these qualities, the Glenfiddich brand is a symbol of success and a benchmark for excellence in the whisky industry.

The campaign challenges us to ask, “Where Next,” where do you see the path you’re on leading to?

Mr Eazi: My path is leading to freedom. Freedom to do what I want when I want. Freedom to create. Freedom to continue to live freely and continue charting new paths for others to follow.

Nancy Isime: I see my path leading to something inspiring; a path that no one has ever walked, they might have tried but how far did they get? How diverse has their journey been? For me, it leads to all sorts of paths – from being a host, an actor, an executive producer, and creator of my own show – the Nancy Isime show, and now currently being appointed as the Director of the AGN Business Development. I also see my path encouraging inspiration and constantly driving the conversations with people who are watching and girls who are looking for motivation, and asking – “Where Next? What more can we do? If Nancy is constantly advancing in the right direction, that means we can do it too and can be greater.”

M.I “The Guy”: The “Where Next” campaign is about exploring new opportunities and pushing beyond boundaries. For individuals, it may mean considering new paths in their personal and professional lives and asking themselves what they want to achieve in the future. This could lead to new experiences, new relationships, new skills, and new ways of thinking. Ultimately, the “Where Next” campaign encourages individuals to embrace change and growth and to strive for personal fulfillment and success.


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What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced due to not conforming and how has this shaped your outlook on success?

Mr Eazi: Early on in my journey, I learned that challenges are meant to be overcome. In Yoruba culture, there’s a saying that literally translates to “There’s nothing coming from the sky, that the ground is afraid of”. So, this simple mentality has shaped my outlook on not seeing or thinking of challenges. They are a way of life.

Nancy Isime: One of the most significant obstacles I have faced as a result of not adhering to traditional norms is managing my schedule and juggling multiple roles, such as actor, host, influencer, and brand ambassador. Despite this, I wake up every day striving to bring the same level of dedication and value as I would any aspect of my life and, as a woman in Nigeria, to always pursue excellence, success, and financial independence.

M.I “The Guy”: One of the biggest challenges faced by those who do not conform is resistance from others who may not understand or accept their ideas, beliefs, or actions. This can lead to isolation, difficulty in finding like-minded people, and opposition to progress. On the other hand, embracing non-conformity can lead to innovation, creativity, and personal growth. In terms of success, non-conformity can be a double-edged sword. While it can lead to unique and innovative solutions, it can also make it harder to fit into traditional structures and systems. Those who embrace non-conformity often have to work harder to prove their ideas and build support, but they also have the potential to achieve great success by creating their own paths. Non-conformity can bring both challenges and opportunities, and it is up to the individual to navigate them and find their own definition of success.

In what ways do you challenge yourself every day to seek out a better future?

Mr Eazi: I make sure to take time out for myself. I meditate, and I work out. I think about the next thing I can learn about the ever-changing world.

Nancy Isime: I push myself daily to work towards a better future by staying focused on the tasks at hand and the next steps ahead. While I also make an effort to enjoy the present, I am aware that there is much to achieve in the near future if I stay dedicated to what I am doing.

M.I “The Guy”: Exploring new activities, exploring new passions or hobbies, or accepting new responsibilities and challenges are all ways I try to grow. Keeping up with learning and developing new abilities can also help one stay relevant and be better prepared to navigate a constantly evolving world.

As leaders in your respective industries, you’re paving the way for the next generation. How significant do you consider your role as a mentor and inspiration to young people in Nigeria?

Mr. Eazi: I feel like spiderman – with great power comes great responsibility. The importance of mentorship cannot be overstated in any career. If I’m able to walk this path and conquer, then that means I’m able to share a blueprint with the ones after me so they can walk faster and create new paths for another generation.

Nancy Isime: To be honest, I don’t like to think of myself as a role model or as a model because it comes with the pressure of having to be perfect. What I would say is I do see myself as an example, especially in the careers that I have chosen. So, what I consider my role right now is opening more doors for the next generation. From being the very first female to host The Voice Nigeria and consecutively hosting the Headies two years in a row to being one of the youngest females to own a show, not just on one but three TV stations, to also being an actor taking up projects and roles that are breaking the box office. This has taken me across the globe; I’m shattering ceilings by just being my own person and making the rules as I go and having fun while at it. I consider it a huge privilege and I am taking it on the best way I can.

M.I “The Guy”: Mentorship and inspiration play a significant role in shaping the future of a country and its citizens. By providing guidance, support, and a positive example, mentors can help young people in Nigeria overcome challenges, reach their full potential, and achieve their goals. In addition, leaders can serve as role models for young people and provide them with a sense of hope and possibility. By demonstrating success and perseverance, leaders can inspire young people to pursue their dreams and work towards a better future.


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