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Mr Eazi Shares Romantic Single, “Supernova”

By all indications, Mr Eazi is having a great 2019. Earlier this month, the singer released “Thank You (Freestyle)”, a loose single reflecting his gratitude for the recent, positive events in his career. His latest single, “Supernova”, is a return to the romance-themed-meets-light-groove territory that is responsible for his status as one of Afropop’s most reliable song-makers around.

With echoes of Mr Eazi’s “Legover” hit single, the mid-tempo beat E-Kelly produces for “Supernova”, mixing lightly bouncy percussions and highlife-adjacent guitar riffs, creates the perfect backdrop for the singer’s sentiments and his languid melodies. “Girl, you no be shitor, you be sauce/all my family must to love you by force”, Mr Eazi sings, highlighting the gravitas of his reassurance to a love interest. In typical fashion, there are materialistic promises in order to add gloss to his affirmations.

You can stream “Supernova” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/MrEazi

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