“Long Time” by Muyiwà ft Joyce Olong conjures images of avoidance, denial and love

Singer, Songwriter and producer, Muyiwà teams up with Singer-Songwriter Joyce Olong for “Long Time”. The two are articulate on the track, conjuring images of avoidance and denial. Their lines are point blank and easy to digest as they welcome us into their world of a confessional of sorts, an admission that they both personally yearn for each other.

Muyiwà begins singing softly, speaking to a love interest who he’s been “wanting for a long time”. Joyce Olong calmly replies to his love solicitations: “part of me babe don’t mean to ignore, don’t mean to be shady, I’m just not sure of what you want”. Her voice is a gem on the track; excellent, heartfelt and fitting to Muyiwà’s. They amplify each other’s voices over synths, guitar strums and echoes of Joyce Olong’s voice, engineered by David Rotimi, with the major production by Kevin “Beats by Ko” Akpewe .

Listen to  Muyiwà’s “Long Time” featuring Joyce Olong below.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Bamidele Babarinde

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