Watch Johnny Drille dedicate his new single, “Papa”, to fathers - The Native

Watch Johnny Drille dedicate his new single, “Papa”, to fathers

Johnny Drille’s latest single, “Papa” carries all the hallmarks of his unique identity, but the song’s spiritual incline and lived-in richness magnifies them to create probably his most affecting song yet. Singing with his soft tenor, “If you lose your way, you can pray/don’t be afraid, don’t lose faith”, the Mavin singer charmingly recounts the admonitions of his father, depicting the close relationship between the pair in the process.

It’s the type of all too rare moment in Nigerian music, where parental homages are often maternal, and in paternal cases isn’t quite emotionally reverent. Amplifying his intentions, the self-production on “Papa” is a gradually morphing mosaic of live instrumentation, from simple, soothing piano chords and sombre violin strings, to the addition of tribal drums and folksy Irish guitars in its lively final moments. The song comes with a music video Clarence Peters directs, set in the same rustic universe Johnny Drille’s music lingers in.

You can watch Johnny Drille’s “Papa” music video below.

Feature Image Credits: YouTube/MavinRecords

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