Watch Asa perform a stirring rendition of new pre-album single, "My Dear" - The Native

Watch Asa perform a stirring rendition of new pre-album single, “My Dear”

News of Asa’s fourth studio album‘Lucid’, began circulating earlier this month and though the 14-song set won’t be available in its entirety till the 11th of October, she keeps building fans’ anticipation with pre-released singles. Her new single, “My Dear” is the third release expect to feature on the project, following the debut of “The Beginning” and “Good Thing” weeks back.

Solely accompanied by sombre piano keys, “My Dear” is gut-wrenching ballad in which Asa stews over being jilted at the altar. Written and achingly sung to capture sentiments of being in the denial phase, she asks if her ex-lover’s absence was caused by Lagos traffic, and questions why he would suddenly change his mind after all the wedding plans they’d excitedly made together. “My Dear” is another example of Asa’s supreme ability to create affecting songs.

The jointly premiered live rendition of the song at Paris’ famed Studios Ferber serves as a makeshift music video for “My Dear”. It features Asa singing her words with a stirring candour, while an assisting pianist recreates the bare musical backing, amplifying the video’s intimate intentions.

Watch Asa perform “My Dear” below.

Featured Image Credits: YouTube/Asa Official

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