Hear “Mr Poe – Mr Ice”, Ice Prince’ most hip-hop release in recent times

Ice Prince is rapping again

Anyone who has ever gotten into a row with a hip-hop head knows arguments about rap never come to a heel. The wide range of influences, coupled with a multiplex of sub-genres means rappers are classed based on different indexes. While these radio/club inclined songs serve their purpose for the culture as a whole, introspective lyrics are regarded higher than showy bars. However, the really good rappers like Jay Z and even Drake can find the perfect balance between both extremes and serve a wider audience. Ice Prince and Poe’s latest single, “Mr Poe – Mr Ice” also aims for that balance and considering how well their previous releases have done, they barely need the effort to get on radio.


The former Chocolate City rapper and Mavins’ only rapper team up to exchange bars over a 90’s hip-hop beat, complete with electronic funk guitar harmonies, pacey bass heavy drums and melodious vocal samples. Ice Prince takes the first verse and makes the song’s personal narrative immediately obvious, describing his experiences as a celebrated rapper. Most of his lines are showy (as they should) but he manages to tie in a few appreciative lines for fans; “Ain’t Nothing Realer Than The Place I Rep/ So Fuck You And Your 8ball Rap”. Poe’s verse also boasts of goofy lines like, “Ass Is Certain To Jiggle If You Tap It Right” but he’s a lot more down to earth talking about everyday living: “I Just Want My Only Problem Is Whether I Should Rent Or Own”.

“Mr Poe – Mr Ice” shows serves us two rappers baring their honest minds while still stunting and swagging. They exhibit their rap skill by avoiding popular trap music gimmicks on the single that sounds like it was created in the Nas, Pac and Biggie era.

Listen to Ice Prince and Poe’s “Mr Poe – Mr Ice” below.

Featured Image Credits: Instagram/iceprincezamani

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